You’ll consistently find our songs at the top of the charts and performed all around the world in a variety of avenues.

Da Les ft. AKA & Maggz

Production, Mix and Mastering

Da les "I've worked with Produced by VAM for a number of years plus on my entire sophmore album (NorthGod), The Producers have a great ear for music and help to bring the best out of each song. It's always a pleasure to work together. I recommend anyone who wants a high quality professional sound to get it down with VAM"

Ma-E ft. Maggz & Dj Capital

Composed, Produced, Pre-Mix

Ma-E - "Yoh we had an amazing time recording in the studio with VAM. They were so professional, easy to work with and the best producer firm Joburg has to offer. We would highly recommend VAM for your project. You won't be disappointed, Trust Baba"

Khuli Chana

Production and Recording

Khuli Chana -“VAM achieved sound quality that is mind blowing. Emblazon is an excellent producer with great songwriting and harmony ideas and always pulls the best out of any song”


Composed, Production and Recording

Chianosky - "As a musician who has worked in a number of bands over the last decade, I have recorded with numerous producers and in several major studios. VAM has consistently produced the best results at a fraction of the price of larger organisations. Their enthusiasm, talent, experience and understanding of music have considerably enhanced my own ideas I continue to return to the recording studio after Ten year's and don’t think that will change. Thanks for an awesome album"

Olivia Cloud

Composed, Production, Recording and SongWriting

Olivia - "My first time on the microphone, instant #1 on itunes. Should I say more? VAM You ROCK, looking forward to my next hit with you guys"


Composed, Production and Recording

Burnaboy - "I have worked with a lot of different producers but I honestly say that VAM is the best that I have worked with. They are open minded and supportive plus the best out of you and your music. I always enjoy my time with them in the studio."


Production and Recording

Elhae - "VAM escaleted my presence in the American Entertainment Scene, the service I get is always top notch. VAM has a geat team of engineers / producers and I will continue to record there for many years to come."